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Established in 1995, Physio Focus is one of Singapore's premier international physiotherapy clinics. We have a small and very personal team to ensure the highest possible standard of clinical practice.
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Physiotherapy is our profession, your well-being is our concern and quality of care is our priority.

Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality care and the best possible outcomes. We find and address the root cause of your condition to quickly and consistenetly relieve your symptoms. We are a team of experienced and progressive physiotherapists.

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accredited & certified.

Leading Physiotherapists in Our Field & Certified by the Best.
Chartered society of physiotherapiest
Allied Health Professional Council
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Common conditions we treat.

Post-Surgical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Recurrent Headaches
Sports Injuries

“Slipped and Bulging” Discs
Referred Pain and Nerve Problems
Muscle Strains
Joint Sprains

Golf & Tennis Elbow
Pre and Post Natal Back & Hip Pain
Planter Fasciitis
Achilles Tendinitis
Frozen Shoulder

Muscular Imbalances
Runners Knee
Overuse Injuries
Stress Incontinence

Client reviews from Google

We are very proud of the service we provide and are confident that you will be happy with the treatment you receive. Please read some of the reviews that can be seen on Google.
Amanda Wee


Very knowledgeable, caring and professional staff. I have seen several therapists at the clinic and they are all true experts. Thanks to a very diligent assessment we were able to get to the root cause of my problem and I have been free of injury since.
Mark Atwood

I used Physiofocus for some extended rehab on some knee surgery a couple of years before. Was given great advice and strengthening exercises that achieved results I wasn't able to get previously. Very professional and friendly service - highly recommended.
Rhys Spencer


Fantastic service and super friendly! I've been treated by several physios here who are all excellent. Can't recommend Physio Focus more!