The Team

We have multiple pieces of pilates equipment in our rehabilitation gym and three therapists who are certified clinical pilates instructors. We offer individual and small group training in Clinical Pilates as part of our approach to postural control and core stability training. This may include mat-work, reformer and/or fitball work under professional guidance following an in-depth assessment by one of our physiotherapists.

Core Stability and Back Pain

After an episode of acute back pain our postural muscles are often left in a state of dysfunction. This then leads to recurrence of injuries and ultimately a chronic back problem. Back pain often leaves us with a core stability muscles that do not do their job properly. This is why many people continue to re-injure themselves, until they invest some time into correctly re-educating and strengthening their core.

Is Pilates Forever?

Pilates is a great exercise regime which can be done daly or a few times a week. We encourage our patients to develop a healthy exercise program and life-style, incorporating pilates principals that we will tech you during your sessions with us.