Paediatric Physiotherapy

A childs body is constantly changing as they grow and develop. Therefore they can not be assessed and treated like an adult. Our paediatric specialist understands the developing body and has specialist knowledge of conditions not seen in adults. Conditions relating to developmental delay, sports injuries or movements issues all need specialist assessment to prevent underlying conditions being overlooked.

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    Paediatric Physiotherapy

    Children’s bodies are very different to adult bodies therefore it is important that their injuries are not treated like adults. We have a paediatric trained physiotherapist that will fully assess your child’s joints, bones and muscles. Often the physiotherapist will ask questions relating to developmental history and the child abilities before and after injury.

    Our paediatric physiotherapist

    Our paediatric physiotherapist also has extensive knowledge regarding development disorders effecting gross motor function (movement). Having worked previously with children with, global developmental delay, gross motor delay, cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, musculoskeletal injuries, hypermobility and post orthopedic work.