Sports Injuries

Anyone who is active can incur a sports related injury. Whether you compete in a sport or partake to keep fit & active there can be of an injury. Our specialist knowledge of the demands involved with sports allows us to diagnose and accurately treat your injury.

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    Physiofocus has comprehensive sports specialist physiotherapists.

    We have therapists who are keen athletes and have taken the time to complete further training in sports specific rehabilitation and injury management. We do believe that is takes and athlete to understand that the desire to return to activity is more of a need and giving up on your sport is always the last option. There is a fine line between not doing enough and overdoing it. We work together with you to help achieve this balance.
    Sports injuries are a wide and diverse topic, which would be almost impossible to summarise in one paragraph. It would not be enough to do the topic justice. Instead we have provided a rehabilitation ladder that may be a bit confusing, but will give you good insight into some of the things we consider when treating athletes.